Friday, July 22, 2005

Revised submission guidelines

Based on some comments / suggestions from Skarr, whose help in developing this site has been invaluable, I am deciding to expand the scope of submissions, as he feels that it is too narrow, particularly for those new authors whose works either exceed the ebook maximum word count or whose works are available only in the printed form.

I am therefore revising the submission guidelines and will update that section of the site shortly. At this moment, works which are available in the printed form or whose length exceeds the maximum word count should be set in either ancient Rome / Greece or in the Victorian Era, as we have only two reviewers who have volunteered their services. In such cases, the preference is for the authors to directly contact the reviewers and arrange to have their material shipped, if they are accepted.

Skarr's vision is for this to become a growing online community of authors in the historical genre, so that authors and reviewers can help each other and also encourage new or unpublished writers to take the next step and get their works out to the public. This is based on his own private experience where he took ten long years from the moment he had an idea to the actual publishing, with no one to help or even offer any guidance along the way. He doesn't want other writers to go through the same experience and feels that a site such as this one would help those new writers who have a work or novel inside them but never get to the next stage, actually writing / completing their work and then getting this published.

All authors of historical fiction are therefore encouraged to participate and become team members of this community so that they can also post directly from their own blogs as I will grant access once they are accepted as a reviewer in a particular field.

Skarr does not wish to be the only reviewer for works in ancient Rome / Greece. His speciality is those periods before 100 BC and we therefore invite other writers to volunteer their services for later periods as Roman history covers a huge time span and is very well documented.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

300 - The graphic novel by Frank Miller

Although this site will primarily feature ebooks of a historical nature, I will review here in brief one of my favorite graphic novels of all time, called '300', by Frank Miller.

For those unfamiliar with this title, the '300' in the title refers to those brave Spartan warriors who held tens of thousands of Persian warriors at a narrow pass near Thermopylae, known as the "Hot Gates" in 480 BC, preventing the early demise of Greek civilization as we know it. According to many scholars, this was the single most important battle and the modern world would be much different today, if it were not for this all important sacrifice, as each of the 300 died to the very last man, while the rest of the Greek city states still debated and discussed on how to combat this threat.

What drew me the most was the element of sacrifice, as each man knew that this battle would be his last and there would be no question of survival - none.

The most awe inspiring thing about this battle was not only the sacrifice element of this small band of Spartans, led by their great King Leonidas but also the implications if they hadn't volunteered their lives to hold off Xerxes and his Persian horde. Outnumbered a 100 to 1, they fought on bravely to the last man and there is almost unanimous consent from various scholars that if the Spartans had not held them off until the rest of the Greeks regrouped, buying them precious time, much of today's western civilization as we know it would not exist.

I could go on and on about this, but true to my promise, I will keep this brief and just say that if you haven't read this one yet, please do so. A word of caution is in order as the images are extremely graphic as regards the violence depicted and this is definitely not a book for young children or those who are queasy about seeing such images. I read somewhere that a movie is going to be produced soon, based on this graphic novel and it will be interesting to see how they make a film out of this. In any case, I can't wait to see the film if they make this, with a possible release date in 2006.

Administrative guidelines

Please link from the sidebar to view ebooks which have been accepted by our first reviewer, Skarr One. Other authors wishing to review / contribute to this site are welcome and should email me at

Please also link from the sidebar to view Submission Guidelines.

In a few days, I will be removing these posts here as I want this site to only feature reviews and links to the author's site.

Thanks, Skarr, for your insightful comments and I would encourage everyone to read his comments to my previous post.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Submit your ebook here via email for review!

I have started this site to share my love of ebooks, particularly those set in historical times, which I define as anything earlier than the 20th century (at a minimum). The current author who has volunteered to review the books is more familiar with books set in ancient Rome or Greece but will review other books, until another, more qualified reviewer volunteers his or her services.

If you have an ebook which you would like to be reviewed and featured on this site, please send this via email after you hear back from me. I would like you to first send me a brief description of the ebook and a brief synopsis with some sample pages of your actual work via email.

The first author who has volunteered his services as a reviewer is Skarr One, whose three novel series, "Barbarians in the Republic" has been accepted by a publisher. His first novel is already available as an ebook and will be out in print soon. At his request, I have deleted my review of his other ebook, which started this collaboration. It would be not fair to have his work featured as the very first review and he obviously does not want to review his own work.

Other authors who would like to volunteer their services may email me at any time, once the site picks up and authors begin to discover this resource. On a separate site, I will have a list available of authors and their works which are awaiting review. Skarr One is mainly interested in reviewing works set in ancient Rome or in ancient Greece. He has not done much research with respect to other time periods and therefore, we will need reviewers who are familiar with other periods / cultures / civilizations.

A resource for aspiring authors of historical ebooks

This site is intended as a resource for aspiring authors, particularly in the historical genre, who may submit their works for review here for free and for one week, their work will be showcased on this site, with a link to their own site and also where their works may be purchased, if there is no link available.