Thursday, September 01, 2005

Surviving Katrina - will we ever learn?

People who escaped with their lives and the clothes on their back and little else have nothing to look forward to, except more pain, misery and suffering for weeks to come, possibly months or years.

While life is no doubt important, quality of life for a person who has been used to a certain quality until that moment of disaster is even more important. How will those individuals find the courage, the fortitude and the will to live through the bleak months ahead, cooped up in shelters and surviving like animals?

New Orleans, since the fall of 2001, has been under the scrutiny of various agencies, including FEMA, which alerted the Government on the catastrophe that awaited that great city. Why wasn't anything done? After the disaster, it will now be a time for casting blame and finding answers. No one knows ultimately what long range effects this will have but one thing is for sure, the writing was on the wall and no one bothered to read it. Who is to blame for that? I'm sure that, at this point, there's enough blame to go around and there will be, to use an old cliche, 'hell to pay'. It is said that human beings often learn from their mistakes.

2,000 years of history have proved that this is far from the truth. Human beings commit the same mistakes, over and over again. After a disaster, for a while everyone is stunned and asks the same questions. Then, as if we all have ADS as a mass of people, we forget and move on, waiting for another disaster to strike before we raise the same questions again.

Will we ever learn? I support those are really helping and from what I see, many bloggers are also responding to the appeals for help. Hopefully, this time, I hope someone will learn to read the warning signs and instead of throwing money after the disaster, they will do something in advance to minimize the impact.