Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Spartan Beach Boy - by Alexandros

This is one steamy tale set in ancient Greece, around 175 BC.

Named after two heroic Greek characters, Jason and Ajax are buddies and for some peculiar reason, Ajax calls the hero of the story, Jason, a "Beach Boy". This may sound strange to fans of the popular group but is actually referring to Jason's tragic role in advertently causing the ruin of a family based in his home island.

The dynamics are all set in this short novel for a surprising finish at the end, as Jason struggles to overcome his feelings of guilt and redeem his love for the lovely Minerva, whose family he helped ruin.

Should Jason seek the help of his treacherous master, who will stoop at nothing to exploit him as well as his bride to be or should he allow them to go to their respective fates? Given the times, there is little choice for Minerva's family except to be sold into slavery or worse.

Filled with highly erotic situations as well as tense moments, this is a wonderfully penned story and should engage the reader from start to finish. The strong characters, the situations they find themselves and the rich descriptions of a historical nature should enthrall most readers.

Ultimately, this is a powerful romance / love story with a clever ending and some really exciting, if explicit encounters. I really enjoyed reading this one and am eagerly awating other works from this exciting author.

With a release date of March, 2006, be sure to check out for more details.


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