Friday, April 06, 2007

The Spartan Slave - a new novel set in ancient Greece

I recently read "The Spartan Slave", which is set in ancient Greece and in ancient Phrygia, in a hidden valley where a very old culture flourishes in secret.

The hero of this novel, Leonidas, is the namesake of the famous Spartan hero who fought with his band of 300 warriors against hordes of Persians at the "Hot Gates", as the narrow pass near Thermopylae was known. This was the only known land route available to King Xerxes, who assembled a huge armada of ships for the invasion of Greece.

King Leonidas of Sparta delayed the Persian advance for three days at the narrow pass, giving up their lives to the last man, so that the rest of the Greeks could muster their defences and prevent the colonization of Greece by the Persians. On his way to the pass, the king stops by near a shepherd's hut and at the request of the old shepherd, spends the night with his young wife, who bears his son. This son eventually goes on to found his own tribe or clan in the mountains of Macedonia and our story begins here, two hundred years after the great battle, with the young Leonidas searching for a way out, as he is displeased with his family, particularly with his mother, who exhibits herself in a way that is not only brazen but deeply disturbing to the young hero.

As the novel progresses, Leonidas finds himself to be in a deeper predicament and turmoil than he originally bargained for and is unsure of his own identity as a Spartan. Forced by his father to make a journey to the mysterious kingdom of Mithir, he finds true love for the first time in his life, in the form of the young, beautiful princess Zarira. However, with this love comes an ultimate price, a choice that Leonidas makes voluntarily, to become her body slave, as she is already promised to a rival prince.

The customs, culture and the sexual openness of the people of Mithir is shocking to him at first but he slowly grows accustomed to their ways, especially after spending many long hours with the erudite Queen Mother of the mysterious kingdom, who is its absolute ruler. She not only teaches him about their culture and beliefs but even persuades him that the only option available for him to realize his true love is to become a slave.

Full of action and with very graphic and explicit scenes, this novel will shock those who are expecting a "run of the mill" erotic romance, as it takes this up several notches to an intense, white hot or even scorching description of what goes on within the Queen Mother's palace.

The finale is quite surprising with an unusual twist and is action packed, as Leonidas demonstrates his skill and prowess as a Spartan warrior when all alone, he faces down an entire contingent of royal guards.

I must recommend this novel highly to all readers of historical erotic romance or those who are looking for an unusual story in an exotic setting, which is penned with extraordinary imagination by the author.

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